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I am Joy Jansen. I'm a Human Centred Designer, working at Currently I'm working on several projects; one of them is FDMG - BNR Nieuwsradio. At, we're creating innovative and delightful services to help users and businesses reach their goals.

In 2017 I've graduated Cum Laude as an UX designer at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. During and after my graduation I've started to gain more experience as a designer. Besides getting experience in the field, I've reiceived the honour to do guest lectures at the university as well, mainly focusing on design ethics (in IoT). People describe me as a creative person who tries to get the best out of everything. I'm enthusiastic, curious, eager to learn and a teamplayer who loves a great discussion but also a good laugh. Besides the passion for design, I'm interested in psychology, culture, art & music (I loooove to dance and sing!).

The interesting part about design is the combination of many facets: thinking about mental models and psychology, using business principles and mapping out a holistic overview of all touchpoings of a service, managing stakeholders and engage them to create empathy, creating sophisticating interactions and visualize it to complete the story.

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