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I'm Joy, a product & service designer 

OV-fiets Back Office

OV-fiets, the simple and typically Dutch concept that is meant to get the traveller to his or her ‘actual’ destination, has been a success for more than ten years. But the use of public transport bicycles – the OV-fiets – has grown so fast that it is no longer a matter of course that you can get a bicycle at any time of the day. The software platform behind the bicycle service is also under pressure due to this growth. So how do you ensure that the user of OV-bike continues to find the service agreeable? 

Graydon Insights

Together with Graydon, we've created several credit management solutions that help businesses to gain more insights in their partners and their payment behaviour. We've worked on solutions like (International) Credit Reports, XSeptions and Monitoring, where aligning three different countries and their data was a big challenge. From an app focused solution, we optimized the user experience to a more consistent user flow where getting the right data to make decisions is the main focus.

OV-fiets apps

NS Stations and INFO collaborated on several OV-fiets apps which are currently helping their employees, like mechanics at bike locations, or end users in getting the right information to rent an OV-fiets. Most of these apps are created in a short time frame, were validated during pilots and had a great process in rapid prototyping or interating. Prior to these projects, we've applied service design methods to get the right insights to be able to build the right product in the right way. 

About me

I'm Joy and I am a Product/Service Designer based in Amsterdam at INFO. I'm a designer with a great passion for research. I’m interested in behavioural design, people, services/interactions, innovation and creating valuable solutions.

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